Immerse yourself in Language

What Is Immerse?

Immerse is your own personal language-learning hub.

Break away from boring grammar exercises that dominate the classroom and Immerse yourself in language through fun, interesting and relevant content right from your laptop or phone!

How does it work?

It's very simple:

First, choose your languages
Then tell us your interests
Then we present articles and videos we think you'll enjoy!

What languages are available?






Huge Range of Sources

We have a vast selection of different sources for you to Immerse yourself in.

Constant Updates

New articles and videos arrive all the time, so you'll never be out of content.

YouTube Channels

Carefully selected YouTube channels are available to help you hear the language first hand.

Block Sources

Don't like the content from a particular source? Simply block it and we won't show it again.

Favourite Articles

Let others know when you really like an article by favouriting it. Or see what's popular.

App Coming Soon...

Soon you'll be able to Immerse yourself on the go with our smartphone app.